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About Us

Way of Bengal is an Australian registered boutique importing business that specialises in premium niche brands from West Bengal, India. We deliver all our products throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as a few other countries.

We are extremely passionate about the culture, art and produce of Bengal, along with its rich culinary heritage and amazing flavour profiles. Hence Way of Bengal focuses purely on commodities, merchandise and produce of Bengal.

Our first and foremost mission is to give Bengali delicacies and its regional manufacturers a well deserved share of fame within Australia and New Zealand. Being true Bengalis at heart, our motivation comes purely from the love and affection we have for everything Bengal has to offer. We really hope we can succeed in bringing back a many nostalgic memories for Australian Bengalis, as well as promote Bengali produce and arts within Australia.

In our effort to bring you outstanding quality products, we arduously research and scour through many manufacturers and suppliers on a regular basis. We are constantly in the lookout for new experiences to be added to our range, and encourage our users to contact us if they would like a certain product or brand to be available in the future.

Sincerely Yours

Way of Bengal