Max Health

Max Health is the specialty food brand launched by AMBO Agritec Pvt. Ltd, a leading food manufacturer based in Bengal. The emphasis is on locally sourcing all the ingredients and products and applying the necessary quality processes to make them consumer-friendly. AMBO was formed in the year 1992 and within few years of operation the company received a recognition from the Govt. of India. In due course of time AMBO has made phenomenal growth and expansions, it has been severally awarded by Govt. Institutions for excellence in performances.

MAX HEALTH is premium brand for Bengali product range. It is a “hit in house” brand in quality staple food and pulses segment. Excellent quality, authentic Bengali ingredients and products, hygienically sorted and packed for you to enjoy and discover a range of traditional Bengali ingredients and preparations.

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Chushi Pithe

One of the most loved dishes of West Bengal comes straight to you to make your meals truly worth rem..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Daler Bora Mix

Simple delights often give you the most joy. Such is the case with Daler Bara or Lentil fritters. Si..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99

Dhoka Mix SOLD OUT

Dhoka Mix

The Dhokar is a lentil cake made of Bengal gram. In traditional recipes, fried cakes made of the Ben..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99

Dulal Tal Mishri SOLD OUT

Dulal Tal Mishri

Tal Michri or Mishri is a confectionery work from Sugar . The sweet sap collected from the Palmyra P..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99

Gobindobhog Rice

Gobindobhog is a short grain, white, aromatic, sticky rice having a sweet buttery flavour. Offered t..

AU$9.50 Ex Tax: AU$9.50

Nolen Gur (Liquid) - Pickup ONLY

This product is ONLY available for PICKUP from North Brisbane (Warner) and cannot be shipped/posted...

AU$19.99 Ex Tax: AU$19.99

Radhuni SOLD OUT


Bengali cuisine stands out because of the usage of special handpicked spice mixes which lends their ..

AU$2.50 Ex Tax: AU$2.50

Shona Masoor Daler Bori

Bori or sundried lentil drops is not only a Bengali specialty but it also adds to every dish the muc..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99

Shona Moong Daler Bori Coming Soon!

Shona Moong Daler Bori

No Bengali meal is complete without a serving of their legendary Moong Bori. Freshly prepared and ar..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99

Kalai Daler Bori SOLD OUT

Kalai Daler Bori

Another hugely popular Bengali food savoured by kids and adults alike. Kalai Bori is dal made of spl..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99

Matar Daler Bori SOLD OUT

Matar Daler Bori

Max Health Matar Bori is handcrafted using the finest quality handpicked pulses and a secret spice m..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99

Hing Kalai Daler Bori

This Hing Bori is basically a Kalai Bori, made of Kalai Dal mixed with Hing (Asafoetida) at a time o..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99