Mukharochak is one of the most popular, respected and time-tested brand from Kolkata, India. It has made its way to every home in Bengal, either as a quick tasty snack or as a spread for any celebration or parties. The amazing affair between Mukharochak and millions of Bengali household began over 65 years ago and still continuing. All it took was an honest and humble approach of a family and their passionate desire to offer healthy, satisfying and exciting snacks to all. The Chandra family almost single-handedly scripted the story of this everlasting affair between Bengalis and this time-tested ethnic snack. The Mukharochak the brand is set to rule snack loving consumer’s tongue for decades to come.

Chanachur, a spicy, tangy & crunchy ethnic snack of Bengal was pioneered by Mukharochak Chanachur Industry and is continuing to serve people with their tasty delights for four generations. Today Mukharochak has become an ISO 9001:2008 & 22000:2005 certified company & produces varieties of mouth watering snacks in its modern hi-tech plant in most hygienic ways.

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7PM Chanachur

The 7 PM is a premium version of classic Special Papdi. Enriched with more refined ingredients and s..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50


These unassuming, innocent and humble looking namkeen cubes are a sheer surprise package! This is an..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Masala Muri SOLD OUT

Masala Muri

Muri or puffed rice is undoubtedly the most time-tested snack in Bengali eating habit and culture. T..

AU$2.50 Ex Tax: AU$2.50


The only authentic one of its kind available in the market. In Nimki, Mukharochak has managed to mai..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Salty Chanachur

It is plain salted variant & not at all spicy, especially for those who avoid spicy food. You ca..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Special Papri Chanachur

The flagship product with which the journey began over sixty-five years ago. This is very unique &am..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99

Tok Jhal Mishti Chanachur Coming Soon!

Tok Jhal Mishti Chanachur

An experimental product which went on to become the most popular one. You got to eat it, to believe ..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50