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CLEARANCE SOLD OUT Moghlai Meetha Attar

Camel brand Moghlai Meetha Attar plays an important role in the list of spices in your royal items. It is quite incomplete without the use of above attar. Due to ignorance or economy, people use the ordinary meetha attar. The Camel brand mughlai & biryani attar with hologram is some what dearer but if you use it in an economic way, it will make your royal dishes tasty and delicious and your cost will be comparatively very low. Their moghlai meetha attar is a must for your royal dishes. So it sure to use it biryani, khushka, pulao, mutton, chicken, chops, quorma, kalia, stew, kababs or even sweet dishes!

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Best Before Date: End of September 2018


Note: Best Before or Use-By dates on food products are used as a guideline ONLY, and the products remain perfect for consumption for a further 6-8 months past those dates. Minimise food waste ending up in landfill sites, please do not throw away perfectly good food when millions go hungry every day!

Moghlai Meetha Attar

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